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Recurring Earnings

The Affiliate Program offered by Realjossy is a perfect way to earn money without having to do any extra work and without having to worry about bringing new customers. All you need to do is sign up for a free account and refer customers to us. Make more than 20% Recurring as long as the customer is still with us. 

High Commissions

The hosting industry is popular for high affiliate commissions and Realjossy is among the highest payers. We reward you for your work and endorsement of our service.

Why Recommend Realjossy?

It's easy to recommend Realjossy hosting and earn high commissions thanks to the high quality of our service, which has won the trust of partners and clients alike. It's easy to recommend our service regardless of whether you talk to beginners or advanced users. We offer the easiest onboarding process for newbies with seamless site creation and a rich set of tools for advanced users.

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A few easy steps to start receiving commissions

Sign Up For Free

Sign up by creating a free account.

Get Your Affiliate Code

In a welcome email you will receive your affiliate code. Alternatively, you can get it from your Control Panel.

Start Referring

You can start referring new customers and get a profit on each sale they make and their renewal.

Start by Creating a free account and get a referral code to share with your referrals and start earning when ever they purchase our products and renew.

There is no fix amount of how much you can earn per referral.

We have a short withhold period of 30 days after the sale is made. The withhold period is the length of our money-back period. Once we verify the sale is valid, we reward you for your effort.

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